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Modern wedding photography has evolved from the lone artistic wedding photographer controlling the day, to a more organic, multi-faceted social collaboration. Everywhere we turn at weddings now, someone is documenting the story of your day from their own unique perspective. Your photographer, your friends, and your family all have something to share. As much as I

We want to tell your story to future generations. This is why we get out of bed in the morning…we have a storyteller’s eye and an instinct for a good story – luckily, we also happen to be photographers. We have told the story of hundreds of couples and families all over New England –

You have a lot to consider when you start planning your dream wedding day. We want to arm you with the best info so at least a few of those decisions can be a little easier. And please know that even though the advice below has been gained in photographing over 400 wonderful New England

Wedding photography is not just about creating images. It’s also about creating community via the taking and sharing of images. We believe in designing iconic images and weaving stories with them to allow you and your family/guests to relive all the rich emotions of your day forever. Below are some of our philosophies on wedding

Here is our exact process from A to Z. Yay! You chose us…we are honored to work with you to create a beautiful and memorable story of your day. We send out our easy to understand contract for you to approve and sign, and take a non-refundable retainer that is approx 1/3 your coverage cost

Your memories will thank you later. We’ve been shooting weddings full time since 2003 (associates since 2008) so I have the unique position of being able to get feedback from couples that we photographed over 10 years ago–and I wanted to share with you what I learned. The value of photography and wedding albums, increases


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