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Megan + Devin | Flag Hill Wedding by Marina

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Reception: Flag Hill Winery

Coordinator/Planner/Designer: Christa Phanuef

Flowers: Julie Floyd Creative Gardens

Gifts for bridal party: Bangle bracelets for girls, flask and bourbon for guys

Dress/Shoes/Veil: Dress is from Madeline’s Daughter in Portsmouth, NH as are the fabric flowers in the hair; Shoes were ordered from Zappos

Tux: Ordered online at

Invites/Stationery: Done by Gus & Ruby in Portsmouth, NH

Catering: Flag Hill

Cake/Dessert: Corinne Cline of Tarte Cafe and Bakery in Andover, NH

Favors: Boxed chocolates from Ghelfi’s (the chocolate store on Cape Cod I worked in all through high school and college)

Hair: Alyssa Vachon of Inside Out Beauty Salon in Dover, NH

Make Up: Alyssa Vachon of Inside Out Beauty Salon in Dover, NH

Entertainment: DJ Ryan Parker

Video: None

Officiant: Myles Duncanson (my sister’s boyfriend)

Ceremony musicians: My sister will be singing during our father-daughter dance but all other music will be through the DJ

Jewelry: Borrowed studs, no other significant jewelry

Rings: The bride’s ring is from Alie jewelers in Dover, NH; The groom’s ring was ordered online and is tungsten carbine