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On the subject of an heirloom album…

Your memories will thank you later.

We’ve been shooting weddings full time since 2003 (associates since 2008) so I have the unique position of being able to get feedback from couples that we photographed over 10 years ago–and I wanted to share with you what I learned.

The value of photography and wedding albums, increases over time.

Something you may or may not consider important today, will have immense meaning for you, and your children’s children.

As wedding photographers, our goal is to preserve forever your unique style, your family, your day, your dynamic as a couple–everything important to you frozen in time from one amazing day.

With our approach and style of photographing, when you look back at your images from this day, all the emotions and feelings of happiness and being loved will come rushing back. This is both our short and long term goal for you.

Picture yourselves decades from now showing your children or family the story of your wedding day–the way your partner looked at you, the pigtails on your now grown up niece, or the timeless style of your grandparents. What do you imagine you are holding in your hands as you share your day? A long obsolete disc/USB drive of images? Or a one of a kind commissioned heirloom album art from your day?

“Gee I can’t wait to hand down my 2634X3893 pixel jpeg to my children!” Said no one, ever. 🙂

You may be thinking: “Well, I can just make an album myself if I want one”–and that is a really fun idea–but we have polled our couples over the past 10 years to see who actually did this–and out of the few who opted not to get an album–there exactly 3 brides who made their own albums–and even they said they wish they had just had our studio do the album because the albums are starting to fade and get tattered because they are not archival or sturdy enough. In addition, we’ve always researched the consumer online options out there, and they are just not up to our 100+ year archival standard. We have spent years perfecting the craft of album design that is in harmony with our approach to photography–beautiful, unforgettable, sustainably produced, unique, timeless, modern and fresh.

It’s a very small investment in the grand scheme of life (you will probably spend more in one year on clothing and other small throwaway purchases than you will on an heirloom album!).

Many of our couples choose to design their album with us 6-12-24 months after their wedding day. We encourage this too because an image you love the day after your wedding may change a year later.

We guide you through the whole process so you will never, no not ever regret this decision.

Ok, this is us stepping off our soap box. Thanks for listening! Contact us for detailed album info.