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A few of the things we believe in as wedding photographers.

Wedding photography is not just about creating images. It’s also about creating community via the taking and sharing of images. We believe in designing iconic images and weaving stories with them to allow you and your family/guests to relive all the rich emotions of your day forever.

Below are some of our philosophies on wedding photography.

Photos Are More Than Just Documentation

The amazing story of your day is multi-faceted…so many moments with no words, and in the hands of an experienced, collaborative, and caring photographer they will be transformed into a one-of-a-kind heirloom treasure trove that give you deep meaning. Settle for no less.

With Experience, Comes Responsibility

You will really be able to live in the moment of your day and never have to worry if we are running on time or capturing all the important stuff. We got this.

Your Day, Your Memories

We never lose site of this simple concept. We love to collaborate with our clients to create natural, spontaneous images that reflect the real you without any gimmicky posing. Working together while making you and your guests happy every step of the way is job one.

Manners Matter

We value and embrace the idea that we are just one member of your wedding day dream team. With our fun and easy going personalities, attention to detail, and just right customer service, we make it a goal to ensure a fun and smooth sailing day for everyone.

You Are The Traveller, We Are The Roadmap

Our process is painless and fun…from the day you find us to the wedding day itself to sharing your images with friends and family. We offer all our clients the cutting edge of today’s technology, but never take my eyes away from the prize of great wedding day memories.

No more, no less.

How much coverage do you need? Only as much as it takes. No more, no less. We don’t add fluff (and more expense) where you don’t need it. There are too many frivilous options out there these days – We work with you to create a photo timeline and package that makes sense for your needs and budget. We want you to be present and enjoy every minute of this day you created knowing we are capturing all the good, real stuff for you and your family. Breathe deep and soak it all in…and do not under any circumstances wear a watch.

Just say No to Awkward Family Photos

Our natural, lifestyle approach and strict avoidance of digital gimmicks means your portraits will look as real, rich, and beautiful as you remember in 5-10-50-100 years from now. That is where we live.

Let you, be you.

We want to capture the real you on your wedding day. We love getting inspiration from Pinterest, but we would much rather seek out what makes YOU a special couple, rather than copy what some other couple did in some other wedding. If we all just let go and allow the day unfold naturally…that is all the inspiration we need, amazing moments all around if you are paying attention.

We got this.

USB drive of high res images? Check. All the amazing images you will ever want or need of your day? Check. Gifted Second Photographers, editors, and designers? Check. Unique albums delivered in a timely manner? Check. Is all this written down in plain english with no hidden clauses or confusing wording for us? Check. Have a question along the way? Just reach out.

Here is mostly what we have learned in capturing over 400 New England weddings: be honest, do good work, have fun, and give our couples everything they will ever need.