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A Tale of Two Weddings

Modern wedding photography has evolved from the lone artistic wedding photographer controlling the day, to a more organic, multi-faceted social collaboration.

Everywhere we turn at weddings now, someone is documenting the story of your day from their own unique perspective. Your photographer, your friends, and your family all have something to share.

As much as I like the idea of an “unplugged” wedding (the no iPhone zone) on paper, I think in real life that is an unrealistic burden for friends and family who are proud of being part of your day and your accomplishment as a couple.

I’m not advocating a free for all, wild wild west scenario either. One with your photographer on one side of high noon, and your guests on the other – shooting it out. But I think the two can quietly co-exist and serve two mutually beneficial purposes for you.

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1. Friends and family = Fans!

  • they will be creating a fleeting, fun community around your day with the online sharing of images
  • let them capture all those hazy, crazy moments in your day that your pro photographer couldn’t possibly see
  • create a hashtag for your wedding (one of my faves from last year was #millergoesmahoney- have fun with it!)
  • announce hashtag at your wedding with a sign
  • be sure to follow up and like/comment/follow your hashtag on social media too – your “fans” will love it!
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2.  Your Photographer = Pro!

  • they will be creating a lasting, heirloom story of your day
  • allow them to artfully capture all the big and small moments that your fans cannot
  • leave the “iconic” portraits to your pro
  • these images are meant to stand the test of time and pass down to your own (gulp) grandchildren
  • be sure to follow up by ordering a beautiful heirloom album

It’s essentially two perspectives on your day. Why not embrace and enjoy the multi layered tapestry? All these moments, whether instant or heirloom, offer up a treasure trove for you if you just know where to look.

This article by Geneve Hoffman was originally published in Seacoast Weddings Magazine.