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We want to tell your story to future generations.

maine and nh wedding photographersWe want to tell your story to future generations. This is why we get out of bed in the morning…we have a storyteller’s eye and an instinct for a good story – luckily, we also happen to be photographers.

We have told the story of hundreds of couples and families all over New England – it gives us a kick knowing the images and stories we are telling about you and your day will be “talking” to many generations to come.

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What are your favorite magazines? Ours are Martha Stewart Living, Seacoast Weddings, Smithsonian, Kinfolk, and UPPERCASE. They all use “lifestyle” photography, where every detail is highly designed while at the same time appearing to look easy and very natural. The best lifestyle images out there evoke a deep and positive emotion or reaction in the viewer. This is exactly how we approach weddings–we use all the moments and details of your day as yarn to weave the unique, beautiful and compelling story of your day.

Our style allows you, the viewer, to re-live all those moments in an artistic and unexpected way.

Unlike magazines though…this is your real day.

So the true art of lifestyle wedding photography is to gracefully walk that line of knowing when to design, and when to step back and let moments unfold naturally and honestly.

beautiful york maine weddings and photographers

Cinematic is a term we use to describe the look of our work.

We are inspired by cinematic traditions like film noir, the avant garde, documentary, and even surrealism.

beautiful york maine weddings and photographers

What does this means for you? Just like an unforgettable moment in a film stays with you long after viewing it, so do your portraits. They have impact and meaning beyond just a “good photo.” You will be drawn to them over the years, and they will grow/change in meaning as the depth of layers peel back viwwing, after viewing.

You should never get bored by your images–they are living, breathing things and will grow in value to you as the years go by.

beautiful york maine weddings and photographers

Unlike a true photojournalist, who is required by a code of ethics not to intervene at all, we work very quietly to design every single image with the telling of your unique story in mind. We arrange colors, shapes, textures, angles in the frame knowing this arrangement will make an impact and tell a story for you and future generations.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…our wedding lifestyle images “say” a lot about your style and every incredible moment that passes through our lens.

It all looks and feels effortless…that is the true “art” of wedding photography, to us.

It is such a joy knowing you will have dynamic, impactful, and honest images of your day.

beautiful york maine weddings and photographers