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Emily + Ted | Wentworth by The Sea Wedding

wentworth by the sea country club wedding

A Wentworth by the Sea Country Club wedding is always picture perfect.

A great combination of a pastoral and seaside location – and it ended up being perfect for this rainy day New England tented wedding.

I actually love rainy wedding days

…I know it´s not what brides and grooms envision for their day…but colors tend to naturally saturate and pop even more on those days.  And the light is very atmospheric and romantic.  Guests and family are held captive by the location and tend to really kick up their heels.  But I also love them because they really are far and few between in Maine & NH–what I mostly see are blue sky days, so the rainy ones tend to peak my curiosity.

One of my favorite shots/memories of the day was the flags whistling in the wind at this Wentworth by the Sea Country Club wedding –it was a very dramatic day.

The funny images of the whole bridal party are some of my favorites…

The groomsmen were standing right in the line of the rain cascading off the roof–and everyone was cracking up.  Also, the trolley ride was quite fun–the whole party had to “lean into” the turns–everyone had so much fun on their day!  Reminds me how important it is to surround yourself with people who love you.

Angela Bramante of Drinkwater Designs in Hampton NH designs the most beautiful wedding days.

Her palettes are always romantic, yet also unexpected and fresh.  The star of this wedding day, besides Emily & Ted, were the gorgeous pink floral designs.  Here are some extra bonus highlights of their day from Angela´s website too.

Their band Legit was amazing too.  And I enjoyed working with filmmaker Marcella Hoekstra of Heirloom Pictures too.  Emily highly recommends both of them, as do I.

I hope you enjoy a look at Emily & Ted´s beautiful New Hampshire rainy day wedding.

One of my favorite all time couples–so very happy and relaxed on their day–a photographer´s dream.

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